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The caves of Ajuy are located in the small town of Ajuy. It has about 150 habitants.  The Natural Monument of Ajuy, declared in 1987, has an area of 31.8 hectares and is located on the west coast of Fuerteventura. These natural caves where form with lava flow on the cliffs, around 40 meters of high, are one of the tourist attractions of Ajuy. The access begins in a comfortable and wide stone ramp, and the extension is around 1.5 km along some impressive cliffs of 100 million years old.  You can observed these rocks that belong to the Cretaceous period and they have been created in the deep sea, they are known like the oldest rocks in the Canary Islands.

By various geological processes we can find here examples of the oceanic crust that are formed at approximately 3,000 meters deep, it is incredible that the crust we can see it was formed millions of years ago and now we can observe them above sea level.

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